Proxy and SOCKS - How Do They Work?

Proxy – How It Works A proxy server is an intermediary server that is used to send requests made by clients who want to ask for information online but do not want to reveal their own IP address. Thus, they use a proxy server to request for a connection to any site, page, or file located online. Here’s how it works: Any user who wants to use a proxy server should first connect to the proxy server to acquire the PAC or Proxy Automatic Configuration file. The server then returns "proxy" to configure the browser. Once the user requests connection to a web site or web page using a URL entered on the browser, the browser retrieves the URL through the said proxy server. Once the source server sees the request, it sends the information to the proxy server and the proxy server then [ READ MORE ... ]

What your IP address tells about you?

What is an IP address? The IP address serves as identification for every devicethat is connected to the Internet or to a network; the former is called an Internet IP address while the latter is a local network IP address. Typically, an IP addresses are made up of four numbers between zero and 255 separated by a period. Every IP address is unique. Allocation of IP addresses are regulated by the IANA or The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and the RIRs or the Regional Internet Registries. The RIRs then leave the task of assigning IP addresses to specific customers through ISP providers. What does it do? The IP address plays a crucial role in your web-surfing activities. Every time you visit a website, you are requesting a server to send information to you, and the information is [ READ MORE ... ]

Why it is important to protect your online privacy?

One of the most important features of a website these days is privacy, and web users are always being reminded about their responsibility to protect their security online. This is primarily due to the rising number of cyber crimes that are threatening people’s online privacy. Cyber Crime Statistics According to statistics, the rate of computer crimes is on an upward climb. Computer crimes refer to any kind of crime committed over the Internet, the most common of which is identity theft, which often leads to credit card or debit card fraud. Aside from this commonly reported problem, there are plenty other crimes that threaten your online privacy. Another common cyber crime is non-delivery of paid merchandise, a problem that affects online shoppers. Other types of cyber crimes include [ READ MORE ... ]

How to Use Proxy with Firefox

image2.pngThere are many possible reasons for using a proxy server when you’re online. If you wish to use a proxy server, you first need to configure your web browser to connect to the proxy server you want to use. The configuration process differs for each type of web browser. If you currently use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, here’s what you need to do to start using a proxy server. Step 1: Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser. If you don’t have a Mozilla Firefox browser yet, you can download it for free from the Mozilla website The latest version is now Firefox 4. Step 2: Go to the Tools menu, which is located on the main toolbar. You can also open to Tools menu by pressing Alt+T. Step 3: Select Options from the drop-down menu. Step 4: When the Options window [ READ MORE ... ]

How to Use Proxy with Internet Explorer

1.pngYou can use a proxy to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet. Web users also have many other reasons for using a proxy. Whatever your reason is, to be able to use a proxy, you first need to configure your browser to connect to a proxy server. The method of doing so varies depending on what web browser you use. If you are using Internet Explorer, follow these steps to set up your browser to use a proxy. Step 1: Open your Internet Explorer browser. If you don’t have a web browser and prefer to use Internet Explorer, you can download the latest version of it from the Downloads page of the Microsoft web site for free. After installing the browser, just go to your Start menu to locate it and open the program. Step 2: Open the Tools menu from the toolbar. You will be given a [ READ MORE ... ]